Why Choose Tempus

Customized Remarketing Solutions

Tempus provides its clients with the highest revenue share percentage in the industry. By working tirelessly to bring buyers from around the world into our system, we ensure our customers receive the most money for their assets when it comes time to sell and replace equipment.


Certificate of Destruction

Tempus produces Certificates of Destruction for all equipment and data that come into its facilities. Our process gives peace of mind to our customers that their sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands and that the documentation serves as a terminal point of reference.

Certificate of Recycling

Tempus is an R2v3 certified recycling facility, which means that our clients can rest easy knowing that all of the equipment that is sent to us is recycled in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our Certificates of Recycling demonstrate the compilation of a commitment from our customers.


Chain of Custody

From the very beginning of the process, we know exactly where every piece of equipment is and can verify its origin and final ending place. This process satisfies customers' needs to verify that what they wanted to be done has, in fact, been done. The Audit Trail provided guarantees that all of the downstream processing has been completed in accordance with the customers' specifications.

Logistic Support

Tempus maintains its own fleet of vehicles to transport materials to its facilities securely. In addition, for customers outside of the pickup area, we work with a wide range of trusted partners to move materials from your location to ours in a safe, documented, and cost-effective manner.

Client Portal

Tempus provides customers with a custom CRM that allows them to track all aspects of their electronic assets, from pick up to remarketing or recycling.

Sustainability Solutions

Tempus offers a variety of solutions that are specifically designed to meet the sustainability initiatives of customers, the best practices of industry, and global climate priorities. We do the work; you get the benefit. Our process delivers offset calculations, which you can share with your customers and stakeholders to demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable future.

Brand Protection

Tempus always ensures branded assets do not move to the secondary market. However, non-branded components and commodities are still harvested for maximum value for clients. This process turns cost centers into revenue centers.

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