Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses

Tempus works with large and small companies across a diverse range of industries to help maximize revenue from their aging electronics. At Tempus, it doesn't matter if you have one device or 100 devices; you will receive the same level of security and data protection as Fortune 500 customers. We provide customized solutions that work for your business and ensure that your retired IT assets are recycled sustainably and hassle-free. 

Tempus is different from other ITAD and recycling companies. We provide solutions for all electronic assets, not just high-value assets, allowing customers to have one solution to both reuse and recycle. From units for sale to repairing high-value devices to commodity revenue sharing during the recycling process, Tempus finds solutions for everything! 

Our years of experience have resulted in a seamless process that allows companies, regardless of their industry, to safely and securely repurpose and, when necessary, responsibly dispose of their end-of-life electronic assets.  

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Tempus Offers

Security and Data Protection

Tempus sanitizes and destroys all the sensitive data pertaining to consumers, employees, and the financial operations of the enterprise prior to disposing of or recycling e-waste.

Client Portal/Secure Chain of Custody

Tempus constantly and strictly monitors the full chain of custody and provides complete transparency to customers via a proprietary Client Portal.

Every Tempus customer is assigned their own customized Client Portal that allows access to Certificates of Recycle, Weighmaster Certificates, Certificates of Destruction, Invoices, Inventory Lists, Purchase Orders, and much more. This centralized database keeps all of your documentation in one place and lets you access it anytime.

In addition, the Client Portal provides access to a customized Environmental Impact Portal that gives you real-time data on how your business is participating in responsible recycling and is positively impacting the planet's environmental sustainability.


Every year, Tempus assists customers in keeping more than 5 million pounds of e-waste from reaching oceans and landfills. Tempus is committed to environmental sustainability and has the certifications to prove it.

Full White Glove Service

Tempus has a trained team of logistics experts who will come onsite to your facility and prepare all of your items for transport back to a Tempus facility. Once received, Tempus certified technicians will ensure that all data is securely wiped and process all devices towards remarketing or end of life.

Certifications & licenses

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