IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Tempus works with companies large and small, school districts, and municipalities to maximize revenue from their aging electronics and to support their ESG policies through its safe, secure, and documented recycling process. Our years of experience have helped us develop a seamless process that allows customers to safely and securely repurpose and, when necessary, responsibly dispose of their end-of-life electronic assets. We always focus on creating sustainable solutions that reduce customers' workload while maximizing electronics’ asset value.

With over 100 partner locations worldwide, Tempus removes unnecessary and costly steps in the IT Asset Disposal process while simultaneously reducing the chance of losing track of high-value assets. Fewer steps in the ITAD process lead to more visibility, control, and value maximization.

Tempus is different from other ITAD companies. We provide solutions for all electronic assets, not just high-value assets, allowing customers to have one solution to both reuse and recycle. From units for sale to repairing high-value devices to commodity revenue sharing during the recycling process, Tempus finds solutions for everything! 

Partnering with us will lead your organization to a more sustainable future.


Asset Evaluation

Tempus provides professional valuation services to determine the market value of electronic assets. Proprietary methods of identifying asset valuation based on initial market value, age, rate of depreciation, and quality, combined with superior knowledge of demand in secondary markets, ensure the maximum financial return and minimal customer workload.

Asset Security

At the time of pick up, all assets are scanned into the Tempus system and brought to a secure location. Assets that are deemed to be data-bearing go immediately to data destruction.  Assets going through the data destruction process are documented by make, model, serial number, and data destruction date. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for each asset that has been through the process.

Equipment Reconciliation

After assets have been through the evaluation and secure data destruction phases, a certified Tempus technician completes a thorough test of all the components on the device to identify any areas needing repair. A decision is then made on whether the asset should be remarketed, repaired, or parted out to maximize the device's value.

Revenue Sharing

Tempus has a worldwide network of vetted buyers for assets, components, and commodities. All revenue from customers’ electronic assets is shared at an industry-leading rate. 


Donations and Charitable Giving

For customers who choose to donate proceeds from the remarketing or recycling of their electronic assets, Tempus provides accounting support that helps to facilitate their initiatives.

Chain of Custody

All assets are given a unique ID number at the time of pick up and placed in a secure Tempus transportation vehicle. Vehicle and Asset tracking allows for the immediate tracking of both vehicles and assets through the Client Portal. All Tempus vehicles and facilities are secured with locks and only accessible by authorized Tempus team members.

Audit Trail

Each asset has a unique ID, and every asset can be tracked in the Client Portal from the time it is picked up until the time it is resold or recycled. 


High-Security Quarantine

All Tempus facilities and vehicles are secured with locks and cameras and require badged entry. Confidentiality agreements are required of all employees.

Product Deconstruction

In the event that Items need to be destroyed, the Tempus process ensures that all components, commodities, and materials that have residual value are reused. 


Secure Data Erasure & Shredding

Tempus uses Kill Disk, a NIST standard above the DOD level standard. This protocol removes the legal liability associated with data erasure for customers.

Certificate of (Data) Destruction

Tempus provides certificates with the make, model, and serial numbers of all assets undergoing the data destruction process.

Certificate of Recycling

Tempus provides certificates with the make, model, and serial numbers of all assets undergoing the recycling process. In addition, these certificates certify the gross weight of items recycled.

Logistic Support

Tempus has its own fleet of vehicles and employee drivers. Tempus drivers know and understand both their routes and their clients. The entire fleet of vehicles can be tracked in the Client Portal using industry-leading security. In addition, Tempus can create custom logistic solutions based on multiple locations and secure facilities that need qualifications for entry.

Brand Protection

Tempus ensures branded assets do not move to the secondary market. However, non-branded components and commodities are still harvested for maximum value for clients. This process turns cost centers into revenue centers.

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