Sustainable solution


Tempus provides companies access to a strong network of facilities around the globe, enabling the most significant possible financial return on IT asset investments.

We evaluate retired IT assets to determine if there is still remarket value or if disposal/destruction is the best option.

Maximized ROI is vital, but so is the peace of mind of knowing that retired assets are being dispositioned responsibly and in line with all relevant environmental and compliance requirements.

All of our recycling initiatives comply with strict environmental policies and the rigorous R2v3 certification standards, adding extra layers of security.

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Tempus manages and executes your ITAD process by decommissioning, de-installing, and disposing of old IT Assets. Our ITAD service reduces decommissioning costs and time, getting new IT equipment up and running as soon as possible.=

Servers, routers, and switches are removed, and an equipment inventory is created using unique asset tags. IT assets are then palletized and securely loaded onto Tempus trucks for shipment to our facility.

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The financial industry faces stringent oversight pertaining to the collection, storage, and transmission of highly sensitive and confidential consumer data. The GLB and FTC illustrate the importance of the disposal of retired electronic assets by mandating all financial institutions follow specific protocols during asset disposal.

  • All financial institutions need to assign a manager that supervises the disposal of all consumer data and records that the organization holds. 
  • Due diligence must be performed before selecting a third-party vendor (e-waste management and ITAD firm), and the vendor must be certified by an organization that is recognized within the industry.
  • All consumer data on electronic equipment, storage devices, hard drives, computers, cell phones, and any other hardware must be erased before commencing the equipment disposal process.

At Tempus, we work with the supervising manager of financial institutions to ensure that all storage devices, hard drives, computers, cell phones, and other hardware that may hold consumer data have been erased before their disposal.

We maintain R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14004, and ISO 45001 certifications to ensure that every touch point of our process conforms to the licenses and certifications needed to stay compliant. 

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Tempus specializes in state and local government electronics recycling initiatives. Programs include collection events, container service, and more. We ensure that all of your data is secure and guarantee that your electronics won’t end up in a landfill.

Tempus provides full confidence that all electronic materials and components are recycled in accordance with state and federal laws and, importantly, our R2v3 certification.

We are committed to providing an integrated solution for our municipal customers looking to dispose of electronic assets cost-effectively, securely, and sustainably while maximizing the financial value of an end-of-life electronic asset.

Backed by our certifications and experience, we provide the peace of mind required to meet your ESG and other compliance needs.

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Tempus works with large and small companies across a diverse range of industries to help maximize revenue from their aging electronics. At Tempus, it doesn't matter if you have one device or 100 devices; you will receive the same level of security and data protection as Fortune 500 customers. We provide customized solutions that work for your business and ensure that your retired IT assets are recycled sustainably and hassle-free. 

Tempus is different from other ITAD and recycling companies. We provide solutions for all electronic assets, not just high-value assets, allowing customers to have one solution to both reuse and recycle. From units for sale to repairing high-value devices to commodity revenue sharing during the recycling process, Tempus finds solutions for everything! 

Our years of experience have resulted in a seamless process that allows companies, regardless of their industry, to safely and securely repurpose and, when necessary, responsibly dispose of their end-of-life electronic assets.  

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Tempus understands that school districts often have limited budgets and funding. We work with K-12 schools, school systems, and higher education institutions to maximize the value of retired IT Assets, boosting technology budgets; we provide a customized recycling plan for your school that maximizes your return in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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