Customized Remarketing Solutions

Customized Remarketing Solutions

Tempus prides itself on its ability to keep high-value items in the marketplace, helping customers recoup significant investment dollars.

Tempus specializes in asset value maximization through international marketing channels and deep relationships with a network of vetted buyers. By selling directly to buyers, we eliminate layers of intermediaries and provide the highest revenue share in the industry.

The Tempus process applies proprietary technology and unique industry expertise to evaluate all types of electronic assets, from excess inventory to aging devices and components and then decides on behalf of customers how to maximize the value of their assets.

All facets of the Tempus Remarketing program are customized based on customers’ needs, profit-sharing options, sustainability initiatives, and logistics needs.

Determining the correct strategy is a combination of finding the best market, US or International, and deciding if it is best to wholesale, sell unit by unit, or maximize the value of assets through a deconstruction system that harvests valuable components and commodities, such as copper, gold, palladium, steel, platinum, and aluminum. 

Tempus takes care of everything, maximizing financial return while saving customers considerable time and money.

Partnering with us will lead your organization to a more sustainable future.


Asset Evaluation

Tempus provides professional valuation services to determine the market value of electronic assets. Proprietary methods of identifying asset valuation based on initial market value, age, rate of depreciation, and quality, combined with superior knowledge of demand in secondary markets, ensure the maximum financial return and minimal customer workload. 


Equipment Reconciliation

After assets have been through the evaluation and secure data destruction phases, a certified Tempus technician completes a thorough test of all the components on the device to identify any areas needing repair. A decision is then made on whether the asset should be remarketed, repaired, or parted out to maximize the device's value.

Revenue Sharing

Tempus has a worldwide network of vetted buyers for assets, components, and commodities. All revenue from customers’ electronic assets is shared at an industry-leading rate.

Donations and Charitable Giving

For customers who choose to donate proceeds from the remarketing or recycling of their electronic assets, Tempus provides accounting support that helps to facilitate their initiatives.

Logistic Support

Tempus has its own fleet of vehicles and employee drivers. Tempus drivers know and understand both their routes and their clients. The entire fleet of vehicles can be tracked in the Client Portal using industry-leading security. In addition, Tempus can create custom logistic solutions based on multiple locations and secure facilities that need qualifications for entry.

Brand Protection

Tempus ensures branded assets do not move to the secondary market. However, non-branded components and commodities are still harvested for maximum value for clients. This process turns cost centers into revenue centers.

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